R.P.S.A. Garde de Maisons et d'Animaux dans toute la France et les pays limitrophes

faire garder sa residence secondaire

Holliday Home owners in France :

Your house can be now protected !

Exchange of service between members without social charges !

Homesitting starting from 1 month : 200 € or 6,77 € per day

Flaterate all inclusive price for 1 year : 1 000 € or 2,73 € per day

Try our services : We offer 2 weeks house sitting

This new concept addresses your particular needs : the Housesitting.

  • Do you own a holiday home in France ?
  • Had your house been broken into and vandalised for the umpteenth time ?
  • Do you want to avoid any unpleasant surprises when you come back home ?
  • Are you looking for a responsive and human solution ?

RPSA can settle your problem and guarantees you a simple, secured and effective solution : The Housesitting.

entretien et protection de votre maison

We propose housesitting services. Our house sitters are senior who live in your house during your absence 24 hours a day in order to ensure the security (87% of the burglaries happen during the night).

Due to the presence of our seniors, your house does not seem abandoned any more :

  • Open and cloded windows
  • Coming and going of the seniors
  • Lights on in the evening
  • Mails picked up daily
  • ...

The secutity of your house during your absence is our highest priority. You can decide to come back home at any time for a couple of weeks or month. GRS will become your preferred contact when it comes to lower your house insurance premium.

GRS is THE SOLUTION for your housesitting.

groupe de retraitesFor our seniors housesitters :

GRS helps you to enjoy your retirement, this well-deserved rest time.

With the new concept of GRS, you can enjoy longer stays in the landlord's house, up to several weeks or months. The planning of your trips and stays is made easier and less stressful and you have more time to discover the region and the surroundings.

Enjoy the comfort and peace of our residences without unencumbered.

With G.R.S. for R.P.S.A., no problem occurs !!!


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Dernières actualités

Trois fois chanceux

trois fois chanceux

Le mois de juillet 2018, restera pour moi une période exceptionnelle !!!


De Mr & Mme E. de Bayonne

J'ai eu besoin de faire garder mon domicile et mes animaux pour mon absence estivale.

En cherchant sur internet, j'ai consulté plusieurs sites de home-sitting, dont celui de RPSA Garde de Maison.

 Ma première impression a été confirmée par la documentation reçur.

 Tout cela n'est rien.

A leur arrivée, les "gardiens retraités" ont conquit mon épouse par leur gentillesse, leur spontanéité et leur approche des animaux.

Nous avons compris que nous allions laisser nos compagnons en de bonnes mains et que nous n'aurions pas de soucis pendant nos vacances.